Twin Dome Granulator

The Fuji Paudal Twin Dome Granulator (TDG) Extruder provides granules of excellent quality and size and a density to suit your needs

Twin screws transport the wet mix powder to the extrusion zone where it is pushed through a hemi-spherical dome die (screen) to produce well formed, cylindrical granules of a controlled diameter. The extrudates break off by their own weight and are collected for the next step of spheronisation or drying.

Fuji Paudal have manufactured this equipment to the highest build and quality standards for over 50 years. This ensures perfect customer product quality over a longer period of time than alternative brands.

Key benefits

  • Twin dome granulator extruderMakes granules with excellent particle size distribution and flowability
  • Easy-to-clean clamshell design extrusion chamber for quick access to contact parts
  • Hydraulic clamping system for ease of disassembly
  • Low pressure extrusion giving very low heat generation
  • Minimal holdup volume giving high yield
  • Easy to scale-up and down between sizes
  • Excellent process repeatability